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Editing Guide

All material needs to be copyedited and proofread to ensure that the message is accurate, clear, and appropriate for its intended audience. One of the challenges of finding an editorial professional is understanding and articulating the type of editing you need. The guidelines below can help!

Paper Abstract

Types of Editing

Writing anything is a process. It begins with an idea, topic, or task; it ends with a polished, publishable final draft. However, there is a lot of arduous work in between. Editors are invaluable in this process because they can look at your writing objectively and offer constructive feedback to help you improve your message and connect with your audience. Here is a brief overview of each service I offer.

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Beta Reading:

  • This is done after you have completed one round of self-editing.

  • I will provide feedback on your writing from the perspective of an average reader.

  • I will provide honest, general thoughts about the "big picture" of your text to help you identify areas of focus for continued self-editing.

Line Editing:​

  • This happens after several rounds of self-editing. It is a heavy edit of your writing.

  • I will carefully examine the structure and flow of each sentence and paragraph to ensure your writing is focused and organized.

  • I will correct grammatical and punctuation errors and offer suggestions about word choice and sentence and paragraph structure to help you improve the clarity and accuracy of your writing.

Copy Editing:

  • This also happens after several rounds of self-editing. It is a little lighter than a line edit.

  • I will ensure correct word usage, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  • I will check for overall clarity, sense, accuracy, and readability and offer suggestions for improvement and restructuring.

  • I will ensure that your manuscript adheres to the house style or the style guide of your choice.

  • After this step is completed, your content will be cohesive, coherent, and ready for publication.

Proofreading: ​

  • This is the final step of the process. It happens just before your manuscript is printed or sent to its intended audience.

  • I will focus on finding typos, punctuation, spelling and formatting errors that may have slipped through the editing process.

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